White Trash

White Trash

April 27, 2017
Melomania, London
“The complete opposite of Sofar Sounds”
Never truer words spoken! With Sofar Sounds, audience members are guests who bring cushions to sit on while they listen politely to the performers. In contrast, the crowd at Cambridge Audio’s bespoke performance space, Melomania, was invaded by White Trash’s lead singer who clambered over the seating and threw cushions at them.

White Trash

The punk aesthetic permeated not only the performance style but also the banter. “You think you’re better than me? You’re not better than me!” he railed, before an impromptu lesson in semantics: “you screw your girlfriend and fuck everyone else.”

White Trash

Most importantly, of course, the music was classic old school punk in sound and lyrics. The band barrelled on stage to Fuck You, before double speed cover of INXS’ Don’t Change and six other high-octane tracks.

White Trash

Even though all eyes were inevitably on the showman weaving through the crowd, it was clear that each musician was technically proficient and a seasoned performer in their own right. It’s not surprising, given their backgrounds in the scene; White Trash is a super group made up of members of The Computers and Turbowolf.

White Trash

White Trash

White Trash

“We’ve only been a band for about 20 minutes so what the fuck do you expect” was the frontman’s inimitable way of saying that this was the band’s first show together. It was thoroughly entertaining and invigorating. Don’t be surprised if you see them ripping up festival stages this summer.

White Trash

As for the audience, it was a curious mix of punk and Neighbours fans. That’s because the other photographer chasing the band around the venue was Alan Fletcher AKA Dr. Karl Kennedy (!!) who was in town to film a TV show about the concert and music photography.

Alan Fletcher

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White Trash

White Trash

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  1. Keven Law says:

    Great photo’s my friend, good to connect with fellow photographers on Twitter, keep up the great work, I look forward to seeing the next fruits of your labours.:)

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