Danny and The Champions of the World & Fred Abbott

December 3, 2015
The 100 Club

“We rocked a little bit too hard there!”
Anyone expecting a sedate solo artist was in for a shock as Fred Abbott took to the stage.  Former Noah and The Whale multi-instrumentalist Fred was joined by four other accomplished musicians, blending a hint of Dire Straits with a splash of Southern rock.  A driving beat and extended solos were the order of the day; so exuberant that Fred’s glasses flew off.  They were returned to their rightful owner without missing a beat.

The number of musicians was also surprising when Danny and The Champions of the World arrived; this time because there were *only* six of them.  True to form, another three were standing by to round out a rocking, soulful Americana performance by, and for, friends. The sold-out crowd were treated to the return of Robin Bennett, a former ‘Champ’ who is now on the rise in The Dreaming Spires. Another guest highlight was a delicately powerful performance by Siobhan Parr.

No matter the line-up, the talent and charm of this band endures; the way they engage with the audience and each other is a joy to see.  Set highlights included (Never Stop Building) That Old Space Rocket, Stay True and an all-too short cut of Springsteen’s Thunder Road.

Check Flickr or more photos of the show.


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